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      ‘I Started Doing At-Home Guided Ketamine Treatments To Help With My Depression During Quarantine’

      NOVA Health Recovery Offers home-based ketamine options as nasal spray and lozenges to help ease depression and anxiety. In combination with traditional antidepressants or alone, ketamine can be very effective. Ketamine works through increases in synaptic plasticity in the brain, creating new spines on neurons that have been damaged by stress and other medical issues. Synaptic spines are important in the connections of the brain involved with learning and reward. Some areas of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, which re involved with decision-making and memory, are impacted very early.

      Ketamine offers the ability to replace the dendritic spines of neurons in the brain by allowing the production of proteins such as Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which allows the production of new spine and enhances neuroplasticity.

      Psilocybin studies (mushrooms) have also demonstrated efficacy for depression and other disorders as has MDMA through the MAPS program.

      Ketamine, however, is available now in our office as infusions, nasal sprays, and oral lozenges for home use. Ketamine is very safe and easy to use. It has been found to have some serotonergic enhancement as do SSRI’s, and may play a role in combination with traditional SSRI’s to enhance their effect.

      Ketamine therapies work well with other wholistic strategies to maintain efficacy. Dieting, exercise, supplements, corrective sleep, and stress reduction are important measures to maximize success.

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